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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Leave Ryder Alone!

I was browsing through my email today when a message from Shecky's caught my eye: "Dress Your Age: Top Ten Style Mistakes." Hmm, this could be good. (Do you get Shecky's emails? They host beauty & shopping events in NYC from time to time, and they're usually fun.)

Imagine my surprise when I saw innocent little Ryder Robinson, Kate Hudson's son, listed under "Inappropriate Hair!"

"...the worst offender may be poor Ryder Robinson, who has Axl Rose's hair at age four. Can someone please call child services?"

OMG, seriously? The kid is FOUR. Long hair on a boy may be unconventional, but it doesn't mean it's a "style mistake." What if he likes his long hair? He should be forced to cut it because it's "inappropriate?"

We all like to poke fun at celebrities from time to time, but going after the kids is just evil in my book.

Leave Ryder alone!