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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Grand Marnier Tan

This Bath & Body Works obsession of mine is really getting out of hand. Last year I made a proclamation that I was no longer going to be a beauty snob who snubs the store. Then, I decided that it would be better for my wallet to let my "impulse buys" happen at BBW instead of the beauty floor at Neiman Marcus.

And now I've been sucked in! I can't help it. But still, a $15 tube of self-tanner is still economically healthier than a $120 bottle of Serge Lutens perfume.

Thus, the latest self-tanner to join my arsenal: True Blue Spa Strike Gold. Unlike the other tanner from the True Blue line, Glow and Steady, this one is full-strength and lightly tinted, with a touch of fine gold shimmer.

First off, it smells like a delicious cocktail made with Grand Marnier and coconut. Seriously! Straight out of the tube, the scent is 100% orange liqueur, and as you spread it on, the tropical coconut makes its appearance. I seriously think there is a cocktail recipe in the works here.

Strike Gold has a gel texture, and like many tinted gel tanners, looks a lot darker in your hand than on the skin. It spreads easily and coats your bod in just a light veil of instant color, taking the edge off the pale without turning you orange. The shimmer is noticeable, but only up close, and not so much that it would incite a call from the HR department if you came to work wearing it.

An even, golden tan develops, predictably, within a few hours. I had no issues with blotches or streaks, mostly because Strike Gold spreads remarkably well.

This spreadability, however, is also the product's only downfall. While it's very emollient on the skin, it takes FOREVER to dry! I'd recommend waiting a full hour before getting dressed, especially if the weather outside is warm or humid. Standing in front of the air conditioner definitely helps.

In tint, intensity, texture, and drying time, Strike Gold is a very close cousin to beauty editor favorite Lancome Flash Bronzer Self Tan For Legs. So if you like the emollient feel of the Lancome and don't mind the drying time, you might want to give this one a try as well!

Ed note 9/1/10: This product is no longer available on Bath and Body Works' website, but was spotted in stores recently. I'll keep an eye out for availability.