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Friday, October 31, 2008

Katie Price Launches New, Very Pink, Styling Tools

Katie Price Jordan hair styling tools Oh my! Isn't this just a perfect post for Halloween?

Queen of the chavs, Jordan/Katie Price, turned up at Superdrug this week to promote the launch of a few new goodies in her haircare range. I love how their purpose is made painfully obvious with the half curly/half straight 'do. And that outfit...it defies explanation.

Katie began her quest for hair styling domination last year with her first range of tools. Check out this post at Kiss and Makeup for a look back (be sure to read the comments -- seems there are lot of fans out there who'll buy whatever she's selling).

And there's more in the works!

"Each month, well, each month and a half, I will bring out a new product. I've got a backlash of stuff. This year I think there is left to come out is make-up and my hair range," she said.

I don't know about you, but I'm just looking forward to see the getups she wears to the subsequent launches! This woman takes cheese to a whole new level, and she relishes it...gotta love that.