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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Evolution of Product Reviews

Have you noticed that sites like Sephora and Bath & Body Works now let you contribute product reviews? I have no doubt that the addition of this feature was influenced by the growth of beauty blogs and sites like MakeupAlley, and I think it's great! It wasn't so long ago that the idea of user-generated content like this scared the crap out of cosmetic companies, but now it's part of the everyday conversation.

Sometimes, though, reading these reviews is more of a source of amusement than information. The informative reviews are great, but it's the outliers that make it fun. A rare few are hilariously biting and scathing, and make me want to meet these people in real life over a few drinks.

But others? Well, it looks like some people out there just weren't born to write for Consumer Reports, or even a blog like this one. Check out this snippet of a review of Ojon Tawaka - The White Ball:

"The real problem is the cheap painted wooden bowl! You think it is dark wood from a tribal area like Africe but it is actually a light wood bowl painted dark"

Africe! Yes, that tribal area, Africe. Oh boy. With this level of geographical ignorance (and a weird misspelling to boot), I'm not sure whether to laugh or just shake my head!

(By the way, I have the bowl that comes with The Ball and haven't had a single problem with it! It may not be a fancy tribal bowl from Africe, but it'll do.)