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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Four Solid Perfumes for Fall

Last year around the holidays, I developed a consuming obsession with solid perfumes, likely spurred on by the annual appearance of the limited edition Estee Lauder solid perfume compacts. Added to that list were a limited edition Coco Mademoiselle solid and one from Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker, which was prettier than the original bottle.

A few more solid offerings have appeared of late, so let's have a look:

Vera Wang Princess Sparkling Creme Perfume ($38) I know Princess is a best seller, so I'll probably get a lot of flak for saying it's vile, but honestly I just don't like it. Nor do I particularly like this little keyring, which looks like it belongs in a Sanrio store. However, Princess has legions of fans, so if you're one of them and have been on the hunt for a portable version, look no further.

Tocca Solid Fragrance in Stella, Florence, and Cleopatra ($30) Three of Tocca's scents are now available in solid form -- Stella (blood orange), Florence (rose) and Cleopatra (grapefruit and cucumber). Of the three, Cleopatra is my favorite, but I'm waiting for them to introduce solid versions of Touch and new Brigitte!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Ring ($30) I saw Miley Cyrus wearing this, and now can't get that annoying image out of my head! It's super cute, although I'm not sure I'd ever actually wear it as a ring. Actually, I might just buy it for the adorable gold pouch it comes in.

L LAMB by Gwen Stefani Solid Perfume ($42) The most expensive of the bunch, the LAMB solid fragance comes in a gold compact that looks like Tetris pieces. I'm not the biggest fan of LAMB, but I'm really liking this solid compact.