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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Introducing the Men's Grooming Spy!

Grooming products for men are finally coming to Beauty Addict! That's right, after years of stealing them for myself (Every Man Jack, anyone?), the men are finally getting their fair say.

The Men's Grooming Spy earned his nickname from a combination of an inside joke, an earlier career, and an after-hours office signout sheet. Um, it's complicated.

But suffice it to say that after a plenty of time spent being dragged to Sephora, Neiman, and Bath & Body Works with me, he's pretty well-versed in the men's grooming arena.

My mother describes him as "all scrubbed up."

Good qualifications, no?

In the coming weeks, the Spy will be reviewing some shaving items, men's fragrance, and holiday gifts. So if you're looking for stuff to buy your guy, or if you count yourself among the 2% of this site's readers who actually are guys, the Spy is here to help!

So let's welcome the Men's Grooming Spy to the Beauty Addict family, and look out for his first review -- the Braun Series 7 electric razor!