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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mascara Blitz: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Treatment Mascara

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Treatment MascaraElizabeth Arden Ceramide Treatment Mascara ($20) has been around for about a year, but somehow I missed the boat and didn't get around to testing it out until now. This mascara promises to condition and revitalize lashes with Arden's famous Ceramide ingredients. Very nice, but what I really want to know is: will it give me huge lashes?

The short answer is no. This mascara gets a major thumbs down from me. However, I should note that I tried it in Midnight, a navy blue. I looked up some reviews of other bloggers I trust (see: Makeup and Beauty Blog, 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic) and they were glowingly positive. But...they tried it in Black.

I'm thinking there was some kind of fluke with the Midnight.

It was truly awful; after several coats I could still see the dirty blonde color of my natural lashes showing through. I didn't get any extra length or volume out of the deal, either.

I went back an hour later and was finally able to build up some color and volume on top of my already dry lashes. But, this isn't really a viable application technique for everyday use. Overall, the color just wasn't dark enough, and the formula was far too thin for my liking. My lashes had nice separation but remained puny-looking.

I'm hoping there was some kind of glitch with the Midnight, because by all accounts the Black is a winner. Have you tried it?