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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gifts to Skip: DuWop Venom Rocks

I saw this set on Sephora's website and thought about including it in my Teen Gift Guide. 3 mini venom glosses! So cute!

But then I saw DuWop Venom Rocks in the store and couldn't believe my eyes. These glosses are beyond tiny! Seriously, they are NOT mini size -- more like free sample size. Each one is only 0.05 oz.

And the packaging -- again, while cute on the web -- looked chintzy and flimsy in person.

I can't believe they're charging $21 for this. $7 a pop for glosses so tiny that they should be free? I think not.

If you must go the Venom route, you're much better off ditching the "gift" packaging and just picking up a tube of original Lip Venom for $16.