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Monday, December 08, 2008

Summer Foundation Lovin'...In the Winter

OK, so the "official" time for a summer foundation may have passed, it being December and all. But I've been loving this summer product and you will too, even though the sweltering days and warm breezy nights are long gone.

I'm not normally the biggest fan of straight-up foundations, but I like some coverage on my face -- usually a tinted moisturizer. I'm on this kick, though, trying not to buy any new face makeup, attempting to use up all the stuff in my house. So I've been mixing some foundations with moisturizer, creating my own blend, experimenting. I was really into Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme mixed with Bobbi Brown Oil Control Lotion, but when the bottle went missing I had to search for something new.

[Please allow me to gloat for just one second about how much I love having this blog for a second job. I get to go shopping in my own house.]

From the "face box" came an unopened tube of Giorgio Armani Bronze Mania Summer Foundation in #1. I chose it mostly because the tube was pretty.

And OMG I LOVE IT. The foundation is wonderfully lightweight, with a silky texture that turns velvety as you apply it. The funny thing is, it's meant for tanned summer skin and only comes in two shades. While #1 was definitely way darker than my skin tone, it blended perfectly. I just needed a little to even out my skin and lend some life to my face on a dreary morning.

I even added a little extra to my cheeks and then skipped blush. I looked like I had been on vacation!

Bronze Mania Summer Foundation stayed on all day, never became shiny, and didn't turn orange as the day went on (oh, and I applied it on its own, no moisturizer mixed in this time). I am dutifully impressed, and quite glad that this is now carried at Nordstrom. I thought it had been a Summer 2007 limited edition, but thankfully I'm wrong.

Giorgio Armani Bronze Mania Summer Foundation, $55 at Nordstrom.