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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hair by Amtrak

So, in the meantime, while I've been away from you, I finally achieved something I'd been after for quite some time: perfect, sideswept, Nicole Richie-esque bangs.

And the technique I used to get them was, well, rather low-tech.

See, I have a cowlick at my hairline that usually prevents me from getting that sideswept look without a whole lot of hair product. Instead of the soft sweep, I end up with a mini "wave" that sticks up about a half inch at the hairline.

But the day of this photo -- which was taken on the Acela from Boston to New York with my Blackberry (hence the post title) -- I did something different, and it started in the shower.

When I slathered my daily helping of conditioner into my hair, I parted it on the side, where I'd want the bang sweep to start. And when I rinsed it, I let the water pound down on the part, with the bangs hanging straight down my forehead. Maybe I stayed in the shower a little longer that day since I was reluctant to begin a day of business travel, but letting the water beat down on my head for an extra couple of minutes seemed to do the trick.

Trying not to disrupt the part in my bangs, I towel-dried carefully, then let my hair dry naturally until it was just damp. By the time I was ready to style it, the bangs seemed like they were holding their position.

This picture was taken 16 hours later, with no hair product, and voila! The perfect sweep, no hair product necessary. Who knew the way to overcome this lifelong cowlick problem was to, well, just add water?