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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Estee Lauder Makes a Splash: 3 New Pleasures Flankers

This summer, Estee Lauder deconstructs the iconic Pleasures and introduces three splashes built around various notes of the original. Baie Rose Peony, Sandalwood Amber and Jasmine Violet come in massive 8.1 oz splash/spray bottles (think Marc Jacobs splash), as well as utterly cute floral box packaging.

I've been test-driving Jasmine Violet ($52) and have been pretty impressed with the staying power. For a splash, this stuff is potent! Definitely stronger than the MJ splashes, which means that huge bottle will probably last a very, very long time.

The bright pink juice is pretty sweet, as you'd probably expect from anything jasmine. I love the wet green-ness of violet leaves and cucumber in the opening; I just wished it lasted longer. Green florals are some of my all-time favorites (see: Bond No 9 Eau de Noho) but the greenery in Jasmine Violet just doesn't stick around long enough for me. Jasmine on its own isn't my favorite -- it tends to give me a headache -- and that's what dominates the middle stage and drydown of this one. There's some carnation in the drydown as well, but again, not my favorite note.

So, LOVED it for the first five minutes, and then the heady jasmine just became too sweet for my tastes when the greens evaporated. But if you're a jasmine lover and are looking for a summery way to wear it, this may well be a perfect fit.