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Monday, June 15, 2009

From the Depths of the Beauty Closet: LORAC Blush/Bronzer Duo

As you might imagine, I have quite the stash of beauty stuff. And more often than I'd like, things get lost, buried, accidentally tossed, given get the idea.

I thought I had long lost this excellent blush/bronzer duo from LORAC, but on a cleaning binge two weekends ago, lo and behold...there it was, stuck in the very back of a drawer. Score!

I bought this Blush/Bronzer Duo in Hot Flash ($28.50) a while back and immediately fell in love. The bronzer looks super dark but goes on sheer and light, and the blush is the perfect bright pop of color in a snappy cool tone. (Listen to Carmindy, friends! She always recommends a bright blush; as she says, it's all in the application.)

Both are just the slightest bit shimmery, and the blush has more of a silvery pearl quality to it. It's one of my absolute favorite summer blushes -- fresh, light and glowy.

I also love that the included brush hides in a separate compartment below the blush pans, but unfortunately the brush sucks! Like most brushes included in compacts, it's too small and narrow to give an even, precise application. But I will concede this: it's cute.

Now get this...if I remember correctly, there used to be a double-ended lip gloss from LORAC in the same shades, and it was AWESOME. The glosses were super shiny, had great shimmer, and tasted minty. I doubt I'll find my old tube in my stash - I'm pretty sure I finished it up long ago - but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it eventually makes a reappearance in one of LORAC's seasonal collections.

For now, I'll just have to get my fix with the blush and bronzer!