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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Foundation Sensation: MAC Face & Body

Hello out there! Last time we talked, I was gushing over my one-of-a-kind foundation creation, that perfect combination of foundation, SPF 15 moisturizer, and golden luminizer. I was so in love!

And then I went away for the summer - to HAWAII, my dears, so NO WONDER I wasn't writing - and used the whole precious bottle up.

Upon my return home to rainy, chilly New York, I snooped around my beauty stash for a suitable replacement. I wanted something lightweight, easily blendable, maybe a little dewy. But so far, I'd come up empty -- until I spotted two rather large bottles of something I'd been sent.

They were MAC Face & Body Foundation in two shades, both of which I thought were absolutely wrong for my skin. One was too light and too peachy, the other was too dark and too muddy. But I was curious about the formula, so I mixed a little of each on my hand and gave it a try on my face.

Et voila! Those two shades, which somehow seemed so wrong on their own, combined to create something perfect. Success! You probably won't need to combine shades, though, to achieve the look you want -- there are plenty available. The mixing was just out of necessity for me, since neither of the shades in my possesion were just right.

But what I really want to talk about is the formula. Face & Body is water-based, so it's very thin and liquidy when squeezed directly from the bottle. I've been applying it with my fingertips, but I'm thinking I might prefer a wedge or a brush with this one, just for better control.

On my face, though - wow, just wow. Face & Body is super lightweight, and provides just enough coverage so that minor imperfections are smoothed out, but your natural skin shines through. And it has a slightly dewy quality that's so fresh and youthful. The finish is similar to a tinted moisturizer, but the product itself feels even lighter on the face, and thinner in the bottle.

Bonus points for the HUGE bottle. Seriously, it's 4 oz! For $32, which seems like an average foundation price to me, you're getting quite a bit of product that'll go a long, long way. Love it!