2009 Holiday Collections: Guerlain Imperial Holiday - Beauty Addict

Monday, October 26, 2009

2009 Holiday Collections: Guerlain Imperial Holiday

More lip glosses that are all dressed up for the holidays, this time from Guerlain. The Imperial Holiday collection is "inspired by the opulence and splendor of aristocracy." Fancy. I like it.

Also of note in this collection are two new incarnations of the iconic Meteorites in sparkly packaging, and a violet-scented powder atomizer to add a little diamond sparkle to face, body and hair. I'm obsessed with the packaging of this one - so chic with its classic atomizer!

Full details on the Imperial Holiday collection:

  • Meteorites Illuminating Pearls in Perles Imperiales, with new shades of pink, white, gold and mauve. Packaged in a limited-edition black compact embossed with rhinestones. $53.

  • Meteorites Voyage Compact, a pressed-powder version of Meteorites, in a white gold metal case adorned with black Swarovski crystals. It's beautiful, but for $170, I hope this is refillable!

  • Sublime Radiant Powder in a white-gold lacquer bottle decorated with screenprinted lace and boasting a black-tasseled atomizer. "An ultrafeminine look reminiscent of beauty objects found on imperial vanity tables." OMG, I'm in love. This is easily my favorite item in the collection. $85.

  • Eyeshadow Palette in limited-edition Bal de Nuit, with two taupe shades, a lingerie pink, and a gold-tinged white. $58.

  • Rouge G lipstick, adorned with a little black jewel, in two limited-edition shades, Grace and Gems. $45.

  • Kiss Kiss gloss, sporting the same screenprinted lace pattern as the Sublime Radiant Powder, in three limited edition shades - Perle de Lune, Ambre Precieuse and Rubis Rose. $29.

  • Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara in special holiday packaging and a limited edition color, Reine de Nuit. Le 2 sports two brushes, one for general application, and a second-smaller one for tips and corners. The main brush is black, while the small brush is...gold glitter! Great idea for adding an extra holiday touch to lashes. $35.