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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hit the Red Carpet with Very Hollywood Michael Kors

You've got to hand it to Michael Kors. The man has created an empire around this concept of casual elegance, easy luxury, and the jet-setter lifestyle (is it me, or is there a jet in the background of EVERY one of his ad campaigns?).

Michael, the fragrance, was perfectly in line with the brand, too - casual but forward, classic with a twist (come on, we all know it smelled a little bit like good old Sand & Sable). It smelled expensive, while still being accessible - you'd feel just as comfortable wearing it everyday as you would while jetting around on your G5 (ah! I wish).

MK's latest is Very Hollywood, meant to be even more glamorous, fabulous, and luxurious than Michael. Notes include mandarin, iced bergamot, wet jasmine, ylang-ylang, raspberry, gardenia, orris, creamy amber, soft white moss and vetiver. It opens with a bright burst of fruit, but settles down quickly into white-flower territory. The jasmine and gardenia feel dominant to me, but not in an overpowering way; they seem to be tempered by those base notes. So if you like gardenia but normally find it to be too much (I'm looking at you, Marc Jacobs), give Very Hollywood a try - you might be pleasantly surprised.

I love the concept of the bottle; the glass is molded to look like flashbulbs. Very red carpet! And the cap looks like a sign you'd find on an luxe Rodeo Drive shop.

The pink juice, though, looks weird to me. For a "Hollywood glamour" scent, I'd expect something golden, maybe. I can see where that might cause a bit of confusion with original Michael, though, and I'm guessing they chose the pink because it looks youthful. But I'm wholeheartedly "meh" on the color.

Other than that, although it's not something I'm head over heels in love with (I wouldn't buy a bottle), Very Hollywood is a perfectly pretty scent, and a great choice if you're looking for "gardenia lite."

Very Hollywood is available in various sizes of eau de parfum ($45-$85), as well as a 5 oz "Fabulotion" for $45 and a solid perfume cocktail ring for $40. The cocktail ring is waaay oversized and kitschy-cute, but I'd have to wrap the back with several band-aids before it would fit my finger. Too bad!