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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Add Some Sheen to Your Skin With Sephora Dry Oil Spray

If you haven't yet been convinced that I'm pretty unwilling to let go of summer, based on some recent posts, this one will definitely put you over the edge (and yes, I'm aware that we're into November now).

I was browsing around Sephora recently and had warm weather on my mind. Again. I was looking for something vacation-worthy, and when I meandered over to the Sephora brand bath & body display, I found it.

Now, I haven't paid much attention to this line since the days of the old coffee body scrub and that chocolate leg shine stick thing. But my interest was piqued by what I found...a nice variety of scents, and one product in particular that met my warm weather vacay criteria.

The Sephora Dry Oil Spray is available in a pretty impressive array of scents, and it gives your skin a nice sheen without being too heavy or greasy. As body oils go, this one has a nice light texture that makes it perfect for legs and shoulders for evening cocktails outside. (This is not to say it's not good for holiday parties or fall/winter nights too, but what I had on my mind was, you guessed it, hot weather).

There's also a technical feature that endeared me to this product. The spray nozzle distributes the oil in a fine, light, even mist. Don't you just hate when oil sprays get all globbed up and spit too much oil out - or none? Yeccch. So far, no cloggage issues with this one.

Now, the scents. Sephora's website currently stocks Apple Pomegranate, Guava Passion, Lime Blossom, Nectarine Blossom, Peach Blossom, Tangerine Grapefruit, and Vanilla Cupcake. In store, I also spotted Coconut Cream, Riviera Blue and Tropical Jasmine. (Apparently, there was also one called Morning Waterlily, which sounded like it was right up my alley, but it appears to have been discontinued. Same for Citrus Sage.)

Since I was looking for something vacation appropriate, I went straight for Tropical Jasmine, which promised a blend of jasmine, coconut and vanilla. Ah, but the coconut note smelled stale and waxy - ever notice this in certain coconut-scented products? Sometimes they're too sweet, and sometimes they smell oddly rancid.

Guava Passion was entirely too fruity, Coconut Cream had the aforementioned stale issue in spades, and some of the others were too citrusy for my tastes. When I finally picked up Vanilla Cupcake, I thought it was going to be a horror show - but to my surprise, I liked it.

It's sweet, but has a creaminess that warms it up and tempers some of the sweetness. Overall, it's a nice mix of vanilla, almond, honey and buttermilk that's pretty seasonless - it'll work for both your warm weather getaways and your chilly Northeast holiday parties.

Plus, it's only $8 for 5 oz. Steal!