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Thursday, October 15, 2009

New From Bath & Body Works: Twilight Woods

Last week we talked about some new goodies in store at Bath & Body Works, and I left you hanging with no deets on the latest scent, Twilight Woods. Well, I finally picked up the $1 teaser body lotion and can give you the full rundown.

Twilight Woods is similar in style to Japanese Cherry Blossom, but more woodsy, with some of the floralcy removed. It's still sweet, though (you didn't expect something dry from Bath & Body Works, did you?). A more accurate way to put it: Twilight Woods is a cross between Japanese Cherry Blossom and Kenzo Amour.

I like it; it's warm and comforting, if a bit overly sweetened. Notes include berry, mandarin, coconut, frangipani, mimosa, wet honeysuckle, apricot, oud wood, musk, orris, vanilla milk and warm woods.

Now, the undeniable Twilight connection. I know Twilight Woods isn't a movie tie-in product, but Bath & Body Works is being very, very smart with the marketing and timing of this new scent. The collection launched online this week, just in time for the growing New Moon madness (the movie premieres next month).

With Twilight mania sweeping the nation, why not cash in on it? A quick Google search yielded several enthusiastic posts on Twilight fan sites, with followers eager to snap up the new scent just because of its name. Twilight Woods is pretty much guaranteed to be a best-seller for BBW.