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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Meyer Mania

I've been slightly obsessed of late with Meyer lemons, those delicious little citrus fruits that smell wonderful and taste like a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange.

Our kitchen has been churning out Meyer lemonade, and even a tasty new cocktail we invented, the Meyer Mojito (white rum and mint, but replace the limes with Meyer lemons, and swap out some of the club soda and sugar for a splash of Orangina).

Check out this story from the LA Times for tons of Meyer inspiration: 100 Things to Do With a Meyer Lemon.

The reason that Meyer lemons have found their way onto this blog is that you can enjoy them in your bath and body routine - and your kitchen cleanup activities - as well as in your gourmet treats! Williams-Sonoma has an absolutely delicious Meyer lemon line that includes hand soap, hand lotion, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, countertop spray, and a candle.

Whenever I'm in a Williams-Sonoma store, I HAVE to sneak over to the soap and lotion display and take generous advantage of the Meyer hand lotion tester bottle. Seriously, it's like a compulsion; I always leave the store with the stuff slathered all over my hands and arms. I've purchased the Meyer lemon goodies as gifts many times, and everyone loves them - not to mention the countless times I've bought them as gifts for myself!

And if Meyer lemon isn't your thing, try the other scents that Williams-Sonoma has to offer - French Lavender, Basil, Persian Lime, White Tea (my mom's favorite), Olive Oil, Pink Grapefruit, and new seasonal Winter Frost and Spiced Chestnut. They're all delicious!