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Monday, November 02, 2009

More Lip Pencils for Pink-Lipped People

To get the full background on my problem with lip pencils, click here to read this post from June. Bottom line, sometimes they're a necessity to help keep lip color where it belongs, and to extend its staying power. But most of the popular "nude" pencils look orange or muddy on me, so I sing to high heaven whenever I find one that's truly pink-toned. Like self-tanner, this is one of those topics that's a continuing obsession for me.

Got it? OK, let's go.

I'm happy to announce that THREE pink-toned lip pencils, with nary a hint of orange or brown in sight, have been introduced by Estee Lauder. Meet Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Pencil in Pink, Tea Rose, and Tawny.

Pink is a cool-toned medium pink, a little brighter than the other two. Tea Rose is warmer and has a bit of a shimmer, while Tawny is the most neutral of the bunch (but still without any orange undertones). And what makes me love these pencils even more is that they come with a lip brush on the other end, for perfect blending every time - because the last thing you want when using a lip pencil is a visible line!

There are others in the collection that look acceptable as well, but currently I can only vouch for these three, as I have them in my possession (MINE! ALL MINE!).

Now let's just hope they don't get discontinued. Fingers crossed!