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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get the Emmy Look: Lea Michele

The lovely Lea Michele sported a 'do by celebrity stylist Mark Townsend at the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards, and while I wish it was a bit more "done," I'm loving the fact that she's wearing a couple of strategically placed hairpieces to add those caramel highlights! "Lea wanted her hair to look touchable and super modern, and full hair with lots of volume and a bit of roughness was perfect against her flawless gown” said Mark. To get Lea's wavy locks, check out Mark's tips below:

  • "Lea’s look started with clean hair. She used Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner to give softness and smoothness in the time it takes to use a conditioner.

  • The end-of-Summer timing of the Emmys is a perfect opportunity to play with color. Lea is still shooting episodes of “Glee” and we couldn’t do anything permanent, so I added in a few custom pieces of hair to add dimension and give her removable highlights for the evening. The result was a golden/coppery effect throughout the ends of her hair.

  • I wanted Lea’s hair to move in all different directions, so I added in Dove Body & Lift Volumizing Mousse throughout damp her and blow dried with a round brush to add lift. 

  • Next spray 3 inch sections of hair with Dove Heat Defense Therapy Mist to protect hair against heat styling damage before using an iron.

  • Then use a 2 inch curling iron to give a subtle bend or ‘S’ curl, rather than a perfect curl. Curl from the ends all the way up, and set each section with a barrel clip for 5 to 7 minutes or until cool.

  • Scrunch hair with Dove Daily Moisture Therapy Replenishing Mist to add moisture and blow dry briefly without a diffuser to look a bit undone.

  • Warm a pea-sized amount of Dove Frizz Control Therapy Taming Cream between the palms of hands. Rake fingers through hair to distribute product evenly for shiny, modern texture.

  • To evoke Brigitte Bardot inspiration, tease hair at the crown for extra volume and lift.

  • To finish Lea’s look I sprayed Dove Unscented Extra Hold Hairspray with Natural Movement (Aerosol) liberally on a small, natural bristle eyebrow brush (the kind that looks like a wooden toothbrush) and ran it through her bangs to hold a middle part. The parted bangs gave a modern update to the 60’s vibe of her hair.

  • I gave Lea a 2 oz. Dove Extra Hold Hairspray with Natural Movement and the natural eyebrow brush to take with her in case she needed a touchup.”