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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Makeup For the Crazy Cat Lady in All of Us

Paul & Joe's limited-edition Collection Sparkles includes three lipsticks and three face & eyeshadow palettes, each in gorgeous packaging (my favorite is the swan print you see above). But what's this I see on those lippies? Not a traditional bullet-shaped lipstick, but...a cat?

Pau & Joe designer and creator Sophie Albou incorporated her favorite animal into the lipsticks, fashioning the tip into a slightly goofy cat face.

It seems like these would make application rather awkward, but in the early stages I bet a lip brush would do the trick (although, then you'd probably find yourself scooping up product with the brush and attempting to leave the kitty face intact!).

What's your take on the Collection Sparkles lippies - cute or creepy?

Oh, and if kitty lippies aren't your cup of tea, but you're loving that cute mirror up there? You can snag it for free with any $75 Paul & Joe purchase at Beautyhabit. No code necessary, while supplies last.