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Monday, August 23, 2010

Moroccanoil: Believe the Hype!

So, friends, my lazy behind finally got around to trying Moroccanoil, the hair treatment that everyone seems to swear by. The verdict: believe the hype.

Moroccanoil is like your favorite hair serum, multiplied by 10. In a nutshell, it's nourishing, fatty-acid-rich argan oil, in a silicone base. So, if you're feeling skittish about applying straight-up oil to your hair, don't be scurred. Because of the silicones, it feels much more like a regular hair serum, but the results are just, well, BETTER. Way better!

You apply a few drops to clean, damp hair and style as usual. And you'll notice a difference even before you start styling--when I use Moroccanoil, I can comb through my wet hair with no tangles or breakage. Smooth already! Loving it.

Whether I let my hair dry naturally, straighten it with a flatiron, or add some waves with a curling iron, Moroccanoil leaves it shiny, incredibly soft, smooth, and manageable. It doesn't weigh it down in the least, and I've been using regular strength Moroccanoil (it's also available in Light). And unlike the results of many other hair products and serums, Moroccanoil's results really last. My hair is still as nice at the end of the day as it was in the morning.

And you know I have to report on the scent, right? It's delish. It's fresh and clean with a hint of spicy muskiness that makes it smell a little like nice men's cologne. (This is the reason I used CHI hair serum for so long; I'm addicted to that men's cologne smell in hair products.)

Don't be discouraged by the price tag (a 3.4 oz bottle will set you back about $40). You really only need a little bit (about a nickel-sized dollop), so that bottle will last a LONG time.

A note on availability: it's probably your best bet to buy Moroccanoil from an authorized salon. It's available from several online retailers, but there's no guarantee that you're getting the real thing, and there have been some legitimate issues with online buyers receiving counterfeit merchandise (just check the reviews on Amazon). So, better to be safe than sorry -- check out the store locator on Moroccanoil's site.