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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Perfume Notes: Leslie Blodgett Golden Light, Island Michael Kors Bermuda, Pure DKNY

Don't you just love hitting up Sephora and the mall and spritzing every available square inch of arm real estate with something new?

Sure, you'll smell like a perfume factory by the end of the day, and strangers will think you're wiping your nose on your arm as you wander around sniffing yourself, but hey, it's fun. My thoughts on three scents I've tried in recent days:

Leslie Blodgett Perfume Diaries Golden Light: Having not had much luck with Leslie Blodgett's previous two offerings, I didn't exactly have great expectations for Golden Light. However, I was pleasantly surprised at this mellow, sunny citrus. Notes include mandarin, kiwi, bergamot, red currant, water lily, honeysuckle, white peony, teakwood, musk, and orris. It's not tart; it's more of a creamy citrus, and the drydown iss a soft, pleasant white musk. Very nice, and perfectly wearable on hot summer days.

Island Michael Kors Bermuda: Why, why, WHY did I have to discover that I loved Bermuda AFTER its limited edition run ended? I'm sure that I had a bottle of it last year, and I'm fairly certain that I gave it away. Fool! It's a blend of tropical flowers on a slightly woody base that just says "sexy summer" to me, and ranking it with the other Island offerings, I'd have to say it's my favorite. While it's no longer available alone, you can snap it up in a limited edition rollerball set of all four Island LE's - Capri, Fiji, Hawaii and Bermuda. You know how much I love rollerballs, right? So it should come as no surprise to find out that this set came home with me.

Pure DKNY: DKNY's latest fragrance offering is built around the idea of "a drop of vanilla in water.” And not just plain vanilla, but vanilla sourced from a women’s agriculture project in Uganda. Additional notes include dew-drop petal accord, lotus, rose, transparent jasmine, freesia, orchid, white amber and sandalwood. Unfortunately all I got from it--once the way-too-fresh opening subsided--was super-strong, nose-clogging uber-vanilla. Not something I'd ever reach for; in the realm of vanillas, this one's far from the best.