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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Revlon Perfect Heat Pink Ceramic Straightener

Last weekend, on my way out the door to get to the airport, I plugged in my beloved ghd styling iron for some pre-flight touchups to my hair. It started to heat up, and The reset button on the plug popped out, and the iron shut off.

A short? Did the plug get wet? Not my ghd!!!

In my early morning haze I didn't think to try it in another outlet, so I just put it away, cursed at it, and made up my mind that I'd buy a new one for the weekend and then deal with it upon my return.

So, at a Long's Drugs on Kauai, I made the colossal mistake of picking up the Revlon Perfect Heat Pink Ceramic Straightener.

Friends, this is hands-down the worst flat iron I've ever used. At lower heat settings, it did absolutely nothing to straighten my hair, so I had to turn it up to the near-maximum. At this setting, the handle of the iron got so incredibly hot that I had to hold it with a hand towel to keep from burning my hands. Even worse, I found that in order to get the plates to close properly, even with a small amount of hair, I had to grip the iron closer to the plates...where it was even hotter.(And not only was it unacceptably, dangerously hot, it didn't even work that well.)

I honestly cannot believe that this product is still on the shelves. It seems like a huge safety hazard, not to mention a lawsuit waiting to happen!

Needless to say, I returned it immediately. I had thought that mine might just be defective, but after perusing some online reviews, I see I'm not the only one who had this issue. A flat iron should have handles that stay cool to the touch -- one that burns your hands is completely unacceptable!

Fortunately, upon returning home, I discovered that it was the outlet, not my ghd iron, that was the initial problem. That one's working again, and thankfully I never have to touch that screaming hot Revlon iron again.