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Friday, August 13, 2010

Self-Tanner Review Series: Clinique Self Sun

Clinique's tinted body tanner, Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion, is exactly what you'd expect from Clinique: it's gentle, easy to use, not filled with sparkles, not overly fragranced, and it works. It isn't the most potent self-tanner of the bunch, but it does the job in one application. I'd recommend it for self-tanner "virgins," or anyone who wants a medium tan with uncomplicated application.

Self Sun is a lotion, but the texture is really more like a creamy gel -- it's lightweight and super smooth. It's tinted, so you can see what areas you've covered and get a temporary golden glow while the tan's developing. I'm really into the tint in this one; it's golden, rather than straight brown or too orange, and it gives you just a touch of glimmer without being sparkly.

Dry time is pretty average, I'd say; I like to wait 30 minutes before getting dressed (a little longer than the 15 minutes recommended on the back of the tube). And the formula itself is impressively moisturizing, keeping your skin soft and supple even after hours of wear.

Smell factor is low to medium. The lotion itself smells faintly of toast and tea; and when the self-tanner smell develops later in the game, it's relatively mild. This owes itself to the fact that the added fragrance is minimal, so there's not much for the DHA smell to mix with, and the tanner isn't the strongest, so there's less DHA to smell.

As for the result? Even, golden, medium-toned. I used the Light-Medium shade, but I think I might upgrade to the Medium-Deep once this tube is finished. Sometimes a girl just needs a little extra oomph!