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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shop It: The Body Shop Friends & Family 20% Off

Today and tomorrow you'll save 20% on all your Body Shop purchases with code FF10 (online only). Who doesn't love a good friends & family sale?

It seems like The Body Shop has fallen out of the spotlight in recent years, but I still love to wander into the store and smell the goodies (and of course, I usually leave with a bag of the ones I just *couldn't* put down). I'm almost always pleasantly surprised, and end up wondering why I don't visit more often. So, if you're planning on shopping the F&F sale, here are a few of my top picks:

Moringa Body Butter. We know all the body butters are fabulous--and may have even kickstarted the body butter craze--but Moringa is my current favorite. It smells like the flowers used in leis; creamy, tropical, and romantic.

Vitamin E Face Mist. The perfect pick-me-up to keep in your office desk drawer or your bag! I like a little spritz over tired makeup when I'm ready to retouch or re-blend. Also excellent post-plane ride, for road trips, or after long days in a dry environment. And it smells like rosewater. Yum.

Satsuma Shimmer Body Lotion. I've loved the juicy orange scent of Satsuma for years, and adding a touch of gold shimmer to the body lotion is just gravy.

Strawberry Body Polish. A gel-based body scrub that's perfect for pre-tan exfoliation (you want to avoid creamy scrubs for this purpose). Use it with loofah gloves for some extra oomph.

White Musk Sheer Chiffon Body Mist. The iconic throwback fragrance, in a lighter formulation. I wore White Musk all the time as a teenager and still love the clean soapiness of it. Try the body mist for a fresh twist; it layers nicely with other fragrances in your wardrobe.