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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thymes Essentials Face Polish

Sorry for the late start today, friends! Had a little bit of a mishap yesterday; two of the wires inside my laptop power cord somehow shredded themselves and broke. What's a girl to do? Well, when your dad is an electrician and your boyfriend's an engineer, you whip out a steak knife, some pliers, and a soldering iron, and get to work! (Thanks to John for the soldering skills, and my dad for the phone coaching.)

Anyhow, while I now have a laptop with power, I ran out of posts! I usually have a bunch of posts saved up in the event of a problem, but as of last night I had just plain run out. So tonight you'll catch me on the couch, with the coffee table strewn with beauty products, clacking away on the keyboard.

For now, let's talk scrubs.

Thymes Essentials Face Polish looks all innocent and gentle in the bottle, but believe me, it's a skin-polishing powerhouse. It uses fine silica powder (derived from sea algae) to smooth and scrub even the most sandpapery of skin into submission. The base is a lightweight, gel-like liquid, giving the scrub good "slip" and making it easy to work into your skin. And the silica powder? There's a lot of it, but it's very fine and the particles are uniformly sized, so you get gentle but VERY effective exfoliation. Since it doesn't break down right away like a sugar scrub would, you can really go to town on rough spots; I even like to work it into my hands after I've finished my face.

I also love that it rinses completely clean and leaves no residue on my face, and isn't drying at all. I was actually surprised how supple my skin felt after using it, since it's a gel formula (and taking a look at the description, it appears we have aloe vera and glycerin to thank for that). I just follow up with my regular moisturizer and I'm good to go.

Oh, and the scent! What would a Beauty Addict review be without a note on the scent? My lovelies, I'm happy to report that this face polish is fragranced with none other than the coveted SPA SMELL. (You know that smell; I've written about it before.) Officially, it's cucumber and tangerine, but to me it'll always be the spa smell. Light, soothing, citrusy and refreshing...delicious!