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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you, and how did you come up with this idea for a beauty blog?

See the About Kristen page.

Can I send my beauty questions to you?

Yes! Send them to me at I can't guarantee a response, but will do my best. You may also be asked for your consent to include your question on the blog in an upcoming Reader Mailbag feature.

How can I stay up to date with Beauty Addict?

Click here to subscribe with your favorite feed service, including Google Reader, My Yahoo, My AOL, Bloglines, and more. Or, subscribe via email for daily updates in your inbox. You'll get one email a day that notifies you of all new posts.

How do you choose what will be reviewed?

Not every product that I buy, see, or receive ends up on the blog. I try to choose ones that are outstanding in some way, worth reporting on because of widespread interest, or just have a good story that's worth telling. Reviews always represent my honest, personal opinions on a product, and are not influenced by advertisers, beauty companies, or PR representatives.

While I do try to keep the site's content generally positive and choose good products to feature, a negative experience with a product will not preclude me from writing about it on Beauty Addict. When you see a negative review, it's usually of a product that people tend to be curious about (ie, a major new launch from a big brand), one that's surrounded by hype, or one that was simply a major letdown. Other times, especially in the cases of small or developing brands, I'll just contact the company directly to share my feedback, rather than post anything (positive or negative).

Please keep in mind that my experience may vary from yours, and it doesn't mean that either of us is in the wrong or that anyone is being dishonest. Opinions vary, especially in the area of beauty - what works for one may not work for another. I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments - the dialogue with you is what makes this fun!

Do you accept press samples? What about payments?

I do not accept compensation of any kind in exchange for reviews, but I do accept samples for review from brands and public relations representatives. Samples and press materials make it possible for me to cover a wider variety of products and brands, and to bring you that information faster.

However, products are accepted for consideration only, and receipt of a product is in no way a guarantee of a review, positive or negative. As of October 2009, all items received from brands or PR representatives are disclosed as such, and you can view the disclosure by placing your mouse over the product link in a post. For more information, see my Disclosure page, or click the Disclosure link at the bottom of any post.

How can I advertise on Beauty Addict?

I currently run ads via the Glam Media, Google AdSense and Blogads. For current Blogads rates, positioning, and impression information, please click here. For other advertising opportunities, please email me.