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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Beauty Addict PSA: Stale Dessert

As you know, I usually write positive, raving reviews of my favorite things. However, I feel it is my duty to occasionally warn you of less-than-stellar products out there on the market. Think of it as a Public Service Announcement. Just lookin' out for ya.

A while back, Dessert Beauty made its debut amid much fanfare...created by the woman behind Clean Perfume, with input from America's sweetheart Jessica Simpson (and with her as the spokesmodel). Of course I was curious, so I picked up a few items from the line.

To Dessert's credit, the lip glosses are great - shiny, shimmery, with lots of flavor and scent. The Luscious and Bunny glosses are especially good. However, I didn't have such great luck with the next item I tried.

The Deliciously Kissable Sugar Scrub in Creamy smelled good in the jar, but once I got it in the bath with me, I noticed a hint of what smelled like...crayons? Not only that, the scrub had the consistency of melted crayons! Later in the day, I could still feel a waxy residue on my skin. I could literally scrape it off with my fingernails. Not exactly how I want to feel after exfoliating.

I'm sorry Ms. Simpson, but I find it very hard to believe that Nick enjoys it when you feel and smell like a melted Crayola!

So there it is folks, your periodic public service announcement from the Addict. Consider yourself warned.