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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nosing Around New York

Yesterday I had a most amazing day. My mom and fellow fragrance lover, Kathy, and I attended our very first Sniffapalooza event here in New York. Sniffapaloozas are day-long events where fragrance and beauty product enthusiasts gather together to visit the best shops in NYC, sample new things, meet the perfumers, and of course, shop! They're organized by the phenomenal Karen D. and Karen A., regulars on the fragrance boards at MakeupAlley (they are Liongirl and Karenska, respectively).

I was thoroughly impressed with Liongirl's ability to pull the day together. She was a wonderful hostess and made sure each and every person was having a good time. I am in awe.

Bond No. 9 Chinatown...gorgeous scent, gorgeous bottleWe started our day at Bond No. 9, where the amazingly gracious Laurice greeted us with fabulous goodie bags, delicious pastries from Ceci-Cela, and of course her gorgeous Parisian accent! After sampling nearly everything in the store, Mom picked out a Little Italy candle, and I came home with the Eau de Noho fragrance, and candles in Wall Street and Chinatown. They are all gorgeous and I will review them in the coming week.

We then moved on to Lafco NY to sample all the gorgeous wares from Santa Maria Novella, Trilogy, and Claus Porto. I have been a fan of Claus Porto for many years so I was excited to see so much of it at Lafco, ripe for the sampling.

Next up was dinner at Lombardi's, the famed pizzeria in Little Italy, where we found ourselves seated with Karen A.'s family. Turns out they live only a few blocks away from us in Brooklyn! After dinner we hit Rice to Riches across the street, where rice pudding is the specialty and the flavors are endless. I highly recommend Sex, Drugs, and Rocky Road. Even Mom, who is a rice pudding expert, wondered how they got the pudding so thick and the rice so tender.

Thanks so much to Annieytown of Blogdorf Goodman who first let me know about the
existence of the Sniffapaloozas! Can't wait to meet her and Patti (cavewoman) at next week's event.