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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Secret's Out...

I have been hiding something from you, friends. A couple of months ago I discovered a new bath & body brand so good that I just wanted to keep it to myself. It was greed, miserly greed. But now the time has come to share this little gem with you all.

Florida-based Product Body was created by transplanted New Yorker Joanna Schmidt who, like many of us out there, grew tired of the existing selection of bath and body goodies on the market. The horrid New York winters took a toll on her skin, resulting in that dry roughness that seemingly cannot be cured by earthly means. But instead of just complaining about it, she decided to create her own line of products.

First out of the gate was Product Body Cream, a cold processed lotion with whipped shea butter. Since getting my hands on this stuff, it has taken up permanent residence on my nightstand; and I must say, it has all the moisturizing benefits of shea butter, but none of the greasiness. Don't be fooled by how lightweight the cream is. This is heavy duty stuff, people.

Next came Velvet, a deliciously simple scrub concocted from cane sugar and a blend of oils. I have it in the Chocolate Dipped Orange scent, and let me tell you, Terry's Chocolate Orange has got nothin' on this. Neither does Fresh Orange Chocolate shea butter, for that matter, which used to be my favorite chocolate-scented item. Nevermind the scent, though - Velvet really delivers. It sloughed off dead, rough patches and left my skin moisturized, but without that waxy residue that sugar scrubs so often leave behind (remember the melted crayons, anyone?).

Okay, I'm going to tell you about one more Product product and then I'm shutting my mouth; it's just too much secret-telling for one day.

Bubble Rubble is a vat full of chunks of solid bubble bath with the cheeky tagline, "Rebel! Fight the bubble conglomerates!" Toss one or two into the bath and you'll enjoy copious, sweet-smelling suds. I'm in love with the Lavender scent; it's less medicinal than many of the other lavenders on the market, and makes a perfect ending to an otherwise stressful day.

Speaking of scents, Product's offerings come in a variety of them, including the aforementioned Chocolate Dipped Orange and Lavender, as well as Yuzu, Vanilla Mango, and Pink Grapefruit, all equally delicious.

Look for another post on Product next week with more of my favorites from the line; trust me, it's worth it (you'll DEFINITELY want to hear about Road Wash). Not only are the products innovative, they're fun, natural, packaged in cool containers with a witty twist, and best of all, they're made by someone who really has a passion for the business. I don't know about you, but I feel good about buying from someone who loves what she does, who created her company from the ground up, and whose heart and soul goes into her work.

In Joanna's words..."it's ok to be a Product junkie!"

Stay tuned!