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Monday, March 26, 2007

Reefer Madness

WARNING: If you don't have $420 lying around, you might want to stop reading right now. Especially if you love Jay Strongwater baubles. Or Chantecaille. Or both.

This little collector's item is the limited edition Chantecaille/Jay Strongwater Coral compact. It's hand-lacquered with a coral reef design and is filled with a vitamin-C infused pressed powder from Chantecaille. And it has a mission:

"Chantecaille's Coral Collection supports "Reefs of Hope" a project of the Pew Institute for Ocean Science. Led by Professor Andrew Baker, the project seeks to mitigate the detrimental effects of pollution, over-fishing, and global warming on the world's invaluable coral reefs. These complex ecosystems serve as an essential infrastructure maintaining the integrity of our coastlines, as buffers holding back tidal waves and regulating other extreme weather conditions, and as home to fish that provide nearly two-thirds of the protein intake to developing coastal nations. The loss of these vital reefs will have potentially devastating effects on both animal and human populations around the globe.

A portion of the proceeds go towards the "Reefs of Hope" to aid in the preservation of coral reefs against the detrimental effects of global warming."

Now, a question. What wiseass in Sales & Marketing decided to set the price at $420? Reef, 420, get it? No? You were a good girl in college then, I suppose.