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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Urban Decay Primer Potion: Get Your Money's Worth!

You've heard me rave about Urban Decay Primer Potion time and time again...it's a staple in my makeup bag and is amazingly effective at preventing eye shadow creasing (and it helps keep shadows true to shade, too).

Effectiveness notwithstanding, I'd always had a suspicion that the curvy, lip-gloss style tube packaging was trapping quite a bit of product inside. Then I saw this post on Clumps of Mascara and my deepest, darkest fears were confirmed!

Friends, when you toss your "empty" tube of UDPP, you're throwing away more than HALF of what's inside. It's incredible. After reading Clumps of Mascara's instructions on how to chop up the tube and transfer the guts to a jar, I immediately grabbed a knife and starting sawing away at that silly little genie bottle.

I could NOT believe how much product was in there! I scooped it into a 5ml sample jar and it barely even fit (mind you, the original product size is listed at 10ml...so yep, that's half that you're wasting).

So, there will be no re-stocking of UDPP in my house for quite some time, now that I have my little jar full of the stuff.

Have you tried this yet? Head over to Clumps of Mascara and read her post for the detailed instructions (I recommend using a serrated knife).