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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dear L'Occitane: Where Are the Scrubbies?

Color me shocked, girls. I certainly never thought I'd find myself knocking a L'Occitane product...the brand has been one of my favorites for years, and makes my number one all-time HG beauty product, the Amande Shower Oil. But here I am, writing a bad review of one of their products. Sigh. Here we go:

L'Occitane Crushed Grape Polish is quite easily the second-worst body scrub I've ever used (taking the dubious honor of first place is the abysmal, crayon-scented scrub from the now-defunct Dessert Beauty line). The concept was intriguing: ingredients based on a 30-day grape cure used in the 19th century to detox the body. The packaging was, as usual, terribly pretty. And the smell? Lovely, of course.

Unfortunately this scrub did absolutely nothing to exfoliate my skin. Crushed grape seeds and walnut shells work great for sloughing off dead skin, but only if the concentration is more than, say, 8 parts per teaspoon. Seriously, where were the scrubbies?

Not only that, the formula was so thin that it quickly disappeared into, or washed off of, whatever I applied it to. I tried loofahs, poufs, and plain old washcloths, but nothing worked. The base in which the scrubby particles were suspended washed away all too quickly, leaving no medium to help move the exfoliating bits over my skin. Think about what it would be like to attempt to exfoliate by sprinkling a few walnut shells on a plain wet washcloth, and there you have it.

So there you go, no results and a waste of $26. Save your money and buy Product Body Crush on You or Every Man Jack Citrus Scrub.