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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Two More Fab Compacts from Laura Mercier

Last week we looked at the lovely Eye Mosaic in Mediterranean Sea, and I just can't resist showing off two other LM compacts - check out these beauties!

First is the Illuminating Powder in Moroccan Bronze; I'm loving the four blocks of color and the gorgeous stamped design. Works as an illuminator on medium to dark skin tones, and a subtle allover bronzer for fair skin. It looks matte in the photo but does have some shimmer.

Next is the Mosaic Shimmer Bloc in Gilded Garden. When I saw this I just about ran to the register with it, it's so pretty! Had to force myself to put it back because I knew that if I took it home, I'd probably never use it for fear of ruining the design. This has been the fate of many multicolored/embossed compacts that now live in my unofficial Beauty Museum.

But if you can bring yourself to use it, it makes a gorgeous blush or highlighter, with tones of icy pink and champagne shimmer. It's like a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick...but funner. (Snaps to Elle Woods!)