Five for Friday: Road Trip Essentials - Beauty Addict

Friday, October 23, 2009

Five for Friday: Road Trip Essentials

"Girls, I'm going to Harvard!"

"What, like on vacay? Let's all go! ROAD TRIP!"

Everyone loves a road trip, no? But when all your stuff's packed in the trunk - except for the snacks, of course - it's easy to forget about the beauty goodies that make the trip so much smoother. Check out these five essential products that always ride up front with me:

Hand Sanitizer. Pick one that's alcohol-based, without the antibacterial agent Triclosan (the alcohol will do the de-germing job just fine). Why? Well, there's some evidence that triclosan, while effective, can contribute to the development of superbugs. We don't want that now, do we? There are also some concerns over its safety. So stick to good old alcohol in a gel base - I like the mini PocketBacs from Bath & Body Works.

Concealer. Nothin' like natural light to bring out every single little imperfection in your face, especially if your skin's on the translucent side. My all-time favorite is Becca, which comes in 36 shades - and each compact comes with medium and full-coverage formulations.

Product Body Road Wash. A little jar of what amounts to solid body wash, Road Wash is there for you then there's no soap in that icky roadside restroom. Smells delicious, too - the latest scent is Beach House, which I've mentioned before. (Oh, and the size is TSA-friendly, in case you want to take it on a plane trip! Airplane soap sucks, unless you're in first class, or flying JetBlue

Charmin To Go. Just as there's sometimes no soap in roadside bathrooms, the same holds true for toilet paper. No one wants to be stuck in a Mobil station restroom, holding your breath and cursing yourself for not having checked the TP situation first. Come prepared with this mini dispenser of super soft tissue.

Sunblock. It's easy to forget this one, since you're in the car. But your windshield is no match for the sun's rays. Coat your face - and the backs of your hands - with an oil-free sunscreen. I love Coppertone Faces Oil Free Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 - it's lightweight, fragrance-free, not greasy AT ALL, and provides broad spectrum protection.