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Monday, July 19, 2010

5 Summer Treats for Face, Body and Hair

Guess who's back? Friends, I know it's been months since I've posted anything. It's flaky, I know. Life has just been a little crazy and beauty mania hasn't been my biggest priority. But I'm happy to say that it's all been positive - job, family, friends and relationship are all excellent. It just took a while (ok, a LONG time) to adjust to traveling 5,000 miles back and forth (yes, I'm living part time in Hawaii now), and maintaining East Coast hours for my job. When to eat? When to nap? It's been an interesting process.

But, I think, I THINK, that I might just have this routine down pat. So that means less confusion, less craziness, and more time to actually care about lip glosses and hair products...and write about them.

So, without any promises or guarantees (as I don't want to jinx anything), welcome back to Beauty Addict. One note: I may be staying away from the comments section for a while, as these absences and "comebacks" tend to stir up a bit of anger among some readers. So in the meantime, if you have a beauty question, reach out to me on Twitter or on the Facebook fan page.

And now on the products! To get things warmed up, here are a few goodies I've been loving of late:

Votre Vu On Holiday Huiler Pour Le Corps: This lightweight body oil spray feels absolutely delicious on skin and smells heavenly. It's a perfect treat for post-shower moisturizing, or to add sheen to your skin for sultry summer nights.

LORAC Blush/Bronzer Duo in Hot Flash: One of my all time favorites for summer skin! The bronzer is dark, but not fake looking, and the blush is a perfect pop of cool-toned color. Both products have just the right amount of non-gaudy shimmer.

Bath and Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Caribbean Escape: Longtime readers know I'm obsessed with antibacterial, and I'm loving the fresh, tropical scet of this hand soap. Plus, the punchy pink color and the pretty label are just so, well, summary.

Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion: A self tanner that dries quickly, feels natural, and has both a believable tint and a believable result? Yes! This Clinique tanner is a terrific bet. I've been using the Light/Medium, and while th result isn't super-dark, it's just right for fair-skinned girls.

ghd Reflection Spray: This shine spray is lightweight, sprays in an even mist, and won't weigh down your tresses. I spray directly onto my hair after styling, and on humid days, I like a little extra dose on my brush. The smell is a little too hairspray-esque for me to LOVE it, but the performance more than makes up for it.