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Friday, July 23, 2010

Dispatch From the Man Cave: shu uemura Shape Paste

OK, I'll admit it: I'm jealous of my boyfriend's hair. It's shiny, a little wavy, and best of all, there is A TON of it. Seriously, he probably has about 5 times more hair on his head than I do.

Sure, he has to cut it every month before he starts looking like Seth Rogen, but who's complaining?

And now, another confession: when we first got together, I just couldn't resist taking a little peek into his bathroom cabinet to see what he was using to style his enviable mane. Would it be something horrendous, say, the LA Looks hair gel of my 5th grade school pictures?

I was pleasantly surprised to find a little white tub of shu uemura Shape Paste. And since he probably wouldn't be so descriptive in telling us what it does and why he likes it, I give you the description from shu uemura's website:

"Sculpting putty with workable hold delivers lasting style memory, structure, moldability and definition. Ideal for accentuating, twisting and shaping strong sculpted styles. Creates demi-matte shine and helps provide humidity resistance and the creamy texture distributes easily. Safe on color-treated hair."

There you have it. Shape Paste is workable, gives hair a soft shine without being overly reflective (perfect for men), and excels in creating that done-but-undone look. It keeps hair in place, but doesn't leave it stuff or crispy. And it smells AMAZING. I love the smell of it so much, I've taken to using a bit in my beach-damp hair as it's drying.

John puts a little in his palms and runs his hands through damp hair. And that's it! Later in the day, it's pretty easy to reactivate the Shape Paste with a little water on your fingers. Perfect for the low-maintenance modern man who still wants to look polished.