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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New from Bath & Body Works: Forever Sunshine and Dark Kiss

Friends, I got some of the most awesome news EVER yesterday. Bath & Body Works is FINALLY coming to Hawaii! Yes, come March 2011 there will be a brand spanking new BBW location at Ala Moana mall. And I'll be there as soon as the doors open.

Sure, we have Sephora, the beauty departments at Neiman and Nordstrom, local brands, and even good old Longs Drugs, but there's something about the browsing appeal of Bath & Body Works that just can't be beat. Copious coupons, sales, and frequent new launches mean you can walk in there in the worst mood ever, spend all of $35 and leave with a huge bag of new goodies to lift your spirits.

So in honor of this most excellent news, I thought I'd give you the scoop on the brand's two most recent Signature Collection launches:

Forever Sunshine is positioned as a transitional summer-fall scent, promising to capture "the romance of warm days that linger into cool autumn." Indeed, it does remind one of both summer and fall; it has a warm citrus opening that evolves into a creamy base similar to Twilight Woods. For lack of a better description, it's as if someone spilled an Orange Julius into the vat of Twilight Woods at the factory. And that's a good thing, because I absolutely love Orange Julius and miss the days when I could just go get one at the Kings Plaza Mall.

Anyhow, Forever Sunshine is quite pretty, not too sweet, and fits into that seasonal transition slot nicely. Available now in Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Eau de Toilette, Triple Moisture Body Cream, and Fragrance Mist.

Dark Kiss is an early Fall offering, and is currently only available in the 1 oz teaser body lotion. Notes include--and I can't believe I'm actually typing this--sensual incense, mirabelle plum, and night musk. That's right, friends; Bath & Body Works is venturing into incense territory, and I'm hoping it's actually noticeable rather than shrouded in a thick cloud of fruit. My usual Bath & Body Works (in NY) didn't have Dark Kiss yet, but you can get it online, and a couple of early reviewers are saying it's reminiscent of Black Amethyst.

Have you tried either of these new fragrances or body products? Share your thoughts in the comments!