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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Soak Up Just a Touch of Sun With Olay

Tanning the face is always such a tricky task. If you're like me, you're super-careful with exposing your facial skin to the sun, so it's always a touch lighter than your body (even if you're normally uber-pale). And if you self-tan your bod, the contrast is even worse Darker foundation and oodles of bronzer can only do so much, and usually ending up doing more harm than help (tan horizon at your hairline, anyone?).

And in photos, you'll end up with a face that looks like it was superimposed onto your body. No thanks.

I've tried mixing body self-tanners with moisturizer and applying to my face, but the result is either too dark, or I end up getting a reaction - which I'm pretty sure is due to the heavy fragrances and colors in many self-tanners.

And I've gone down the route of the face moisturizer with self tanner before, usually without much success. Some have clogged my pores - thanks so titanium dioxide or zinc oxide sunscreens, which irritate me - and some just don't work at all.

I've had better luck with Olay Complete Touch of Sun Daily UV Facial Moisturizer (whew, that's a mouthful). This SPF15 face moisturizer isn't heavy, it smells good (but not overpowering) and delivers just a hint of natural color to your face.

You do have to use it every day to maintain your results, and if you use any scrubs/peels/retinol serums, you'll really need to keep it up. I use it every day and night; since I use a Clarisonic, tanners tend not to stick around too long on my face. But, using this $15 lotion daily is a small price to pay for glowing skin that actually looks like it's part of the rest of your body.

Bronzer is still a must in the summer, but when I use Touch of Sun regularly, I find that I can skip foundation/tinted moisturizer entirely. Score!