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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Apple Pickin' with Philosophy

Tomorrow is the first day of autumn. Falling leaves. Hayrides. Halloween. And apple picking.

In honor of the changing of the seasons, here's a fall favorite of mine. If you can't get out to an apple orchard anytime soon, pick up a bottle of Philosophy Spiced Apple Cider Body Wash. This super-rich formula produces oodles of suds in your bath or shower, and it's moisturizing, so you can use it all through the dry skin season with nary a flake or a scale in sight. As with most of the Philosophy body washes, it includes a recipe for its namesake right on the bottle. And, best part, it smells just like the real thing!

I just finished a bottle of this and picked up a new one. It's so addictive that yesterday I "accidentally" wrote on myself with a pen so I could use it. Oh, that reminds me, I walked near a construction area this morning. I must be dirty. Time to have another Spiced Apple Cider shower. Excuse me.