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Friday, September 30, 2005

Body Bronzers: A Leg Up on the Competition

It's the end of summer and our tans are fading (even the fake ones...I kind of lose the motivation to self-tan when the weather gets cold). But, it's that funny time of year when you can still wear skirts without's chilly but not that chilly. Still, scay, dry, pale legs have oft deterred me from donning a skirt in the autumn. Alas, two ways to combat this:

Michael Kors Leg Shine comes in a deodorant-like stick. It's bronze, shimmery, moisturizing, shiny, and smells delicious, like the original Michael fragrance...sandy tuberose. It's a big help for bare legs, and the shimmer/shine is great for evening.

For daytime, try Benefit Flamingo Fancy. This is more of a tinted lotion, and it's less glowy, so you won't look like Paris Hilton at the office. The smell isn't as great as the Michael Kors, but the color has good staying power and if you wait a few minutes to get dressed after application, it won't come off on your clothes.

Whatever you do, avoid those "airbrush legs" products at all costs! I've seen them in action, and they make your legs look like a mannequin.