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Friday, September 23, 2005

A Lip Gloss a Day...

In accordance with my last post about portable goodies (see Roll With It), here's something else that you can (and should) take with you everywhere:

Cargo DailyGloss is a blister pack of single-serving lip gloss. At first glance it looks like something from the pharmacy, but it's really a card with 15 individually sealed bubbles of lip gloss in shades of baby pink, medium dusty pink, and shimmering cranberry. They're also available in a slightly different palette, with bright pink, mauve, and raspberry. Each pack comes with 2 cards, for a 30 day supply. Break them apart and stash a single serving in your bag, pocket, wallet, change purse, car...wherever! A girl should never be without lip gloss.

These really come in handy in those unfortunate situations when you've been pulled over for speeding and must call upon all your feminine wiles to get out of the ticket. Keep some DailyGloss at the ready, right next to your license, registration, and insurance!