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Friday, September 23, 2005

Rollin' With My Stella McCartney Homies

I've never been a fan of perfumes with rose in them, but there's something about Stella by Stella McCartney that's different. It's a mix of rose and amber that warms up on your skin and just smells cozy and girly.

Now you can take Stella with you for quick touch-ups wherever you go. Stella Eau de Parfum Roll-On is a sleek little glass tube, with the same violet-to-clear gradient that made the original bottle so pretty. Each bottle is .33 oz and only about as big as a lip gloss, so it fits even in tiny evening bags (it's true...I've tested it). It's great for last-minute occasions...a little bit on the wrists and behind the ears is just enough to make you smell sweet, and because it's a roll-on, there's no chance of overdoing it.

The set comes with four roll-on bottles (so you can leave one in each of your favorite bags), in an elegant little box with purple ribbon. It's a great gift idea but you'll probably wind up keeping these for yourself!