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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Seeing Spots

It happens to the best of us. You follow all the right routines - wash your face morning and night, stay away from notorious pore-cloggers, use the right moisturizer - but one day you wake up and discover a menacing red bump. The beginnings of a pimple. And what's worse, it always seems to happen on the day of that big meeting/hot date/job interview, doesn't it?

Fear no more...with the right tools handy you can send that pimple back underground where it belongs. My favorite weapon in Peter Thomas Roth BPO Gel 10% and Sulfur. It contains 10% benzoyl peroxide, which packs a powerful chemical punch against blemishes, plus sulfur (new ingredient in this formula!). I never understood how sulfur worked against pimples, but according to, it's germicidal, fungicidal, and parasiticidal. That should take care of any unwelcome visitors on your skin.

Even though this gel has a high concentration of benzoyl peroxide, it doesn't dry your face out like Stridex in the '80s. You should see an improvement within a day and then the offending blemish should disappear in about 2 days.

For quick fixes (like the big meeting/hot date/job interview), a little bit of good old Visine works well. It "gets the red out" by temporarily contracting the blood vessels in the blemish, same as it does for bloodshot eyes.

Now get out there and show that red spot who's boss!