Soft Sell - Beauty Addict

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Soft Sell

I do love the luxury beauty items, but once in a while there's something on the drugstore shelves that seems like it's way too good to be there. About a year ago, I spotted a bottle of Softsoap in my friend Greg's kitchen, and I was a bit puzzled. Greg is the type of guy who has Natuzzi furniture and a Mark Rothko hanging in his living room...I would have thought that his decorator (or his mother) would have installed his kitchen with at least some L'Occitane.

But alas, it was Softsoap, specifically, Softsoap Naturals Milk & Honey Liquid Hand Soap. I tried it and became a believer. Since then it's been a permanent fixture next to my kitchen sink. It's creamy, VERY moisturizing, and smells amazing, like milk and honey with a little bit of almond. It smells expensive, but it's cheap!

Try it for yourself. It'll only set you back a couple of dollars at the drugstore or supermarket. Dry hands from doing dishes are not cute.