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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil

Maybe it's contradictory for the beauty addict to say this, but I hate makeup. I really do. I'm talking about face makeup, friends. Foundation, cream-to-powder, airbrush, pancake, whatever. I hate the way it feels on my face, and it clogs my pores. The last time I wore any was the day of my senior prom (and I was also wearing fake nails, so that tells you something).

However, in the interest of research, this weekend I decided to take a chance and buy Bare Escentuals i.d. Mineral Veil, and its corresponding Kabuki brush. Hmm...sheer, free of anything nasty that clogs pores, and oil-absorbent. Interesting! I was dubious at first, but I have now been using the Mineral Veil for 3 days and I must admit that I like it. It evens out your skin without leaving that awful "horizon line" of foundation on forehead and jaw. It doesn't feel like there's anything on your face, but somehow, it looks better. Softer. More even. I'm shocked!

You can wear Mineral Veil on its own, or over foundation. There's even a tinted version for those of you who like a combination of the two.

Update: I spilled the Mineral Veil all over me, and my car, this morning. I was at a red light on my way to work and decided to put it on. Unfortunately I must have moved my hand a little too fast, because the powder came flying out of the little container, landing all over my black shirt and the black interior of my car. However, I was able to brush it away quickly - I was happy about this, but it made me wonder how well Mineral Veil stays on my face, if I can brush it off material so quickly. Hmm!