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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Gorgeous Geisha

Memoirs of a GeishaFresh has some gorgeous makeup this season - I've gushed about the Satin Luster Palette in a previous post, and today I picked up another little gem that was just too good to pass up. The company has developed a special limited edition line to coincide with the release of the movie adaptation of Arthur Golden's Memoirs of a Geisha*, and all the products are beautiful. I'm not usually a fan of movie tie-in merchandise - I think it's gimmicky - but Fresh has developed some unique offerings including a fragrance, a shimmer powder, some skincare, and a makeup palette. All are packaged simply and beautifully, with tiny cherry blossoms and birds printed on the compacts and labels.

The one item I just couldn't resist was the Beauty Face Palette. It's a slim, pale-blue rectangular compact with a mirror, and contains 3 face essentials - Satin Luster, Blush Cream, and Gloss Absolute. All the shades complement each other, and the case is so slim that you can slip it into your most minuscule purse and be all set for a full day or evening. Satin Luster in Premier Rose is a sheer, shimmery highlighting cream in a dusty pink; Blush Cream in Portrait of a Lady is a dewy coral rose, and Gloss Absolute in Desire is a sheer red lip gloss with a bit of shimmer and the lemony scent of Fresh's signature Sugar. The Beauty Face Palette is beautiful on its own and makes a great "emergency kit" to pop into your purse for any occasion.

* I highly recommend the book and am looking forward to the movie!