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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Spend It All in One Place

Yet another reason to love Sephora.com - they've just added Clinique to their massive list of brands available for purchase online. They're almost at the point where you can do all your beauty shopping in one place; I just wish they'd add MAC and Bobbi Brown (both available at gloss.com) and the full line of L'Occitane (available at loccitane.com).

Anyhow, what a perfect occasion to tell you about my all-time favorite Clinique product. Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is a slim tube of sheer lipcolor that looks, well, nearly black. But once it's on your lips, it's a gorgeous berry color that's sheer and shiny, and flattering to nearly every complexion. I love wearing berry shades when the weather gets chilly - they remind me of red wine, holly berries, and all those other good things about the impending winter - and this is the perfect one.