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Friday, October 28, 2005

What's Your Fantasy, Part 5

I promised myself over and over again that I would not post another word on this topic, but I just can't help it (see the rest of the saga here). I guess I've got Britney on the brain. Welcome to the 5th (sick, I know) installment of my Fantasy Britney Spears saga. Today I was browsing sephora.com when I encountered this, the newest addition to Britney's empire:

As if we needed any more proof that Britney must be stopped lest the fires of hell consume the earth, now we have the Fantasy Britney Spears "Surprising Twist!" On one end is a roll-on fragrance, and on the other, a lip gloss. Now maybe it's my eyes, or maybe my computer screen is on the fritz, but that lip gloss looks GREEN. I'm sure that every girl wants ghoulish, lime-green-tinted lips. Right. What do you think? Am I going crazy or what?